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About The Show

The Isaac Rudansky Show brings you cutting edge digital advertising strategies you can use to grow your online business today. It's not about how big your advertising budget is or how many customers you have. It's about knowing how to maneuver through the overwhelming amount of digital advertising product at your disposal, and learning the techniques and strategies that will help you success and outperform your competitors.

About Isaac Rudansky

Isaac Rudansky is the founder of AdVenture Media, one of NY's fastest growing digital advertising agencies. AdVenture Media has worked with over 300 clients around the world, from small mom and pop boutiques to multiple, publicly traded enterprises.

Over 58,000 students are enrolled in Isaac's online training courses on the topics of Google AdWords, remarketing, and landing page design. All three of his courses are the #1 bestselling courses in their categories on, where his courses are hosted.

Isaac brings to the show an enormous amount of experience and insight in the digital marketing industry that will help small businesses manage and spend their advertising dollars profitably, enabling them to compete with larger brands with deeper advertising pockets.

The Guest List

Daniel Gilbert
CEO, Brainlabs digital


Daniel Gilbert is the CEO of BrainLabs Digital a world-class, award winning digital marketing agency with offices in London and NYC. Daniel is a thought leader in our industry, highly respected for his deeply technical and mathematical approach to PPC campaign optimization. Dan's AdWords scripts are used in marketing agencies all over the world, and we're looking forward to talking with him about growing his agency and how the digital marketing landscape is evolving.

frederick vallaeys


Fred was one of the first 500 employees at Google where he spent 10 years building AdWords and teaching advertisers how to get the most out of it as Google's AdWords Evangelist. As a technologist at heart, he's always on the lookout for ways that technology can simplify the lives of marketers. As a founding member of the team that created the AdWords Editor, an industry-favorite tool for making AdWords account management more efficient, he knows what it takes to simplify managing AdWords and as a co-founder at Optmyzr, he hopes to continue creating world-class online marketing products.

RAnd fishkin
founder, moz


Rand Fishkin goes by the ludicrous title, Wizard of Moz. He's founder and former CEO of SEO software startup Moz, host of Whiteboard Friday, co-author of a pair of books on SEO, co-founder of, and serves on the board of the presentation software firm, Haiku Deck. Rand's currently writing a book for Penguin/Random House on the ups and downs of startup culture, due out in 2018. In his miniscule spare time, he loves to travel with his wife, author Geraldine DeRuiter, and read about their adventures in her books and blog. Geraldine and Rand are also small investors in Backstage Capital and Techstars Seattle.

Oli gardner
founder, unbounce

SUNDAY, sep 3rd

Unbounce co-founder Oli Gardner has seen more landing pages than anyone on the planet. He’s obsessed with identifying and reversing bad marketing practices, and his disdain for marketers who send campaign traffic to their homepage is legendary, resulting in landing page rants that can peel paint off an unpainted wall. A prolific international speaker, Oli is on a mission to rid the world of marketing mediocrity by using data-informed copywriting, design, interaction, and psychology to create a more delightful experience for marketers and customers alike.